Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

This week I am appalled by the entire human race.


And not just because you refuse to add in a ramp at the Starbucks counter so I can order my venti-half caff- caramel drizzle-skim –no foam-and for the love of god no whip coffee without fear of getting skipped or stepped on. Which is rude, by the way. This week has just been a downward spiral of horror.

It didn’t start off that bad.  I managed to only be slightly appalled at BritBrit and more appalled at the fact that I refer to her as BritBrit. I even handled the birth of Pig Country into the Kardashian Family with freaking grace. Then, this happened.


I don’t know what kind of ridiculous cheerios you are feeding kids these days but I’m NOT okay with this. Her dress has a side tail and a mane! It also is boasting a sweet shoulder streamer “garland”.  I’m traumatized. I’m appalled. I’m not even curious where to get the drugs to be okay with this!

I’m proposing a new public health study to deal with these types of abominations. This is more serious than zombies, people! Your future generations are at stake.

Good luck to you, minions. You obviously need it.


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