Use A Little Luck, And We Will Make It Work Out Better

As mentioned earlier this week, we’ve been moving our blog from WordPress servers to a private host, which will allow us to provide more and better content to you, our loyal readers, in the future.  However, thanks to the wonders of DNS caches, some folks are still reaching our old WordPress-hosted site instead of our new spiffy digs.  This is why many readers were unable to access today’s first attempt at Fun-Day Frday, as a Murphy’s Law of issues resulted in it being posted to our old setup.

Here’s a quick check to determine to which BloggingORA your ISP is directing you: If you see links to our Twitter and Facebook accounts on the column on the right, you’re still going through WordPress.  If you simply see a recitation of our previous blog entries, you’re all caught up.

[Additionally, check out the actual link to today’s offering from Sheldon.  If you can read it and it ends in -28, you’re still seeing us via WordPress.  If you can read it and it ends in -30, you’ve been reset.]

We’re posting this message to both platforms to ensure maximum coverage, and, as everyone’s ISPs flush and reset their DNS caches, the misrouting should eventually die away.  Until that happens, we apologize for any inconvenience that you may encounter and thank you, yet again, for your patience.


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