Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

Location:             A Room With Only My iPod And Earbuds

Minions, we need to talk.

There’s an outbreak of epic proportions and I am a sufferer.

This week I became a lover of CMM. For those of you not in the know, that’s Call Me Maybe. It’s like 90’s-style-Britney good. . .it’s cheesy and mindless and it could be categorized as cruel and unusual punishment. But I get so excited when it comes on that I want to listen to it on repeat,

OH WAIT, it gets better.  Some guys from the Harvard Baseball team went on a spring break trip, one fell asleep, and they made this video/car dance. It’s simple, and there’s limited choreography, but there’s color coordination. . .it’s amazeballs!

So great, in fact, that the President of the world (okay US but basically same thing) was taped singing it. And by taped, I mean a really informed person someone really enjoyed listening to every single one of his speeches. Only to be followed by Jay Leno sharing the President and that other guy doing a car dance to it.

But you don’t hit the big time until you have a dog parody made by the famous Corgi Rae Jepsen.

Everything about this song makes me glad I’m not human. Be proud of your accomplishments, minions, this musical genius is hard to top!


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