From The Vault: Revised Budget Submission Policy

[Occasionally, we like to revisit posts from days gone by that either (1) are always relevant, or (2) are the subject of recent questions received by our office.  Like last time, today’s Oldie But Goodie falls into both categories, as we continue to receive questions regarding revised budgets in COEUS.]

Originally Published February 15, 2012

Although ORA’s intention is always to minimize the administrative burden and system requirements for departments, the changing landscape has resulted in a dramatic increase in reduced budgets. Because many of these budgets have specific disallowed costs included in the cuts, and not just across-the-board percentage cuts, the University requires that documentation of those cuts are recorded.  Therefore, revised budgets will be required to be submitted through Coeus as “Revision” in the following instances:

A revised itemized budget is submitted to the sponsor

  • A formal or informal notice of reduction by Sponsor affecting funding levels by any percentage when it includes specific line item reductions or disallowances that are not explicitly outlined in the NOA
  • For grants, the reduction is 25% or greater of the original budget (this does not apply to federal training grants)
  • For cooperative agreements/contracts, the reduction is 10% or greater of the original budget
  • There is a change in the number/type of training grant slots on a federal training grant

Significant reductions (25% for basic research grants, 10% for cooperative agreements or contracts) will also require a revised Statement of Work consistent with the budget cut.


Revised budget submission will be initiated immediately upon notification of reduction by sponsor in accordance with the criteria above.

    1. If department learns of need to rebudget from sponsor, department should immediately contact ORA for confirmation of need to submit revised budget through Coeus.
    2. If ORA first learns of need to rebudget, ORA will contact department to create a Coeus PD record.
  1. Department creates a Coeus PD using “Revision” proposal type, and links to the previous IPN.  The revised budget can be uploaded as a spreadsheet. The only additional documentation required to be included in the Revision PD is the request from the sponsor, if applicable.
  2. Only once ORA has approved the Revision PD will the revised budget be submitted to the sponsor, if necessary.
  3. All contact with sponsor regarding revised budgets must be coordinated through ORA.

Note: Budgets submitted for Task Orders on established Master Agreements must be submitted in Coeus as “New Task Order” prior to submission to the sponsor.



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